10 Best Bass Fishing Lures In Review 2018 – Which One Wins?

Best Bass Fishing Lures

10 Best Bass Fishing Lures In Review 2018 – Which One Wins?

There is nothing as tricky as catching bass. They are quite intelligent and elusive which means you have to use the best bass lures. But like everything else in life, things change.

Technology advances and the world moves fast making things easier for everyone. Even the best bass fishing lures are no exception to this rule. They have evolved all along. There are so many types of lures on the market it’s nearly impossible to pick the best.

Take crankbaits for instance. Within the crankbaits category, you have single knockers, rattles, deep diving among others. Beneath each subcategory are tens of lures. Considering this is the crankbait category alone, arriving at the best lures is ideed a tough job.

Remember, you also need to consider different fishing seasons of the year. While there are some lures that work best for summer, others seem to work best during the fall. The same goes for pre spawn vs post spawn, winter vs spring.


To help you settle on the best, let’s get you started with the ten best bass lures.

10 Best Bass Fishing Lures in 2018 – Reviews

1. Rose Kuli Life-Like Lure Bass Bait

Rose Kuli produces different of outdoors related items including fishing gear. Although the brand isn’t popular, their multi-jointed bait is a sure winner especially if used in combination with the right fishing reel and best fish finder.

Once you put inside water, the lure moves in a serpentine motions. This is caused by the multiple joints that run along the length of its body. The 3.8 inch bronze bait comes with 3D holographic eyes and a verisimilar body. From a distance, this fish looks exactly like a real fish.

High Quality Body

Its body is made up of connective textile fabrics. These, besides being durable produces natural fish-like movements. Best of all, this bait’s body is made from reusable and environment friendly material. Its brilliant colors and patterns mimic real-life baitfish.

Durable Hooks

The Rose Kuli life-like lure bass bait is rigged with two sharp rust-free hooks. These are expertly made to be conspicuous and to resist corrosion.

Wide Variety of Uses

This bait not only does a good job at capturing bass but other predator fish as well. Some other kinds of fish you can target with this include walleye, yellow perch and pike. Moreover, the lure can be used on both freshwater and saltwater.

Key Features

  • Made from hard ABS plastic with some metal and textile fabric parts
  • Multi-colored
  • Double connection design which is sturdy enough even for big fish

2. Sougayilang Bass Lure 6 Pcs Plastic Lures

These handmade baits qualify to be named the great bass fishing lures. If you look at them closely, you will notice that they are completely handmade. This instantly lures bass to bite.

The only small issues with these plastic lures is that they have a scent problem. As you know fish use smell to find food and this slightly works against them. Nonetheless, they are made from environmentally-friendly PVC material which is reusable.

Well Designed

The artist behind them seems to have paid a great deal of attention to their looks. Truth be told, they have a lifelike look.

Real-Life Movements

Once you put them under water, they emulate a squirming action that easily attracts fish. What’s more, they have a shrimp like design. This achieves life-like movements once under water.

Multiple Uses

Can be used for different kinds of fish and aquatorium. You only need to hang them vividly in the water and wait for a few moments.

Key Features

  • Made of soft PVC material
  • Comes in sets of 6 per package
  • High resolution body detail

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3. LotFancy Bass Lures for Freshwater 30 Pcs

Identifying the right bait for your fishing mission is quite important. Indeed fishing is not easy and you have to use the best of what is available. The Lotfancy Bass lure comes in a bait fish shape.

Each lure has 3D eyes designed to trick even the wisest bass into assuming that the plastic bait is real fish. Its shape and color adds onto the list of its life-like features.

Complete Package

Each package comes with 30 pieces of fishing lures. These are assorted to provide you with wide variety. You will find poppers, minnow lures and crankbaits in this mix.

Well Designed

Each lure has a vivid color. The body is made of environment-friendly plastic. This is capable of attracting both saltwater and freshwater fish.

High Quality Hooks

The baits come in different sizes from as small as 1.5 inches to 3.6 inches. Each bait weighs about 3grams. Each has 2 sharp stainless steel treble hooks.

Key Features

  • Covered in a hard plastic case complete with 12 removable dividers
  • All manner of bright colors to attract big fish
  • Its hooks are strong and the rings are rightfully sized

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4. Shelure Soft Lures Shrimp Bait For Freshwater/Saltwater

Your search for the best bass fishing lures should not come to an end until you sample out the Shelure Soft Lures. Known for being soft, this bait is made to resemble a live shrimp.

The design is such a way that it showcases body details with high resolution. This creates a mechanism that fools the bass into believing this in actual fish in water. Apart from being attractive, the lure is easy to use. It is made from silicone material, which is highly compatible with the hook.

Top Quality

This product has built a name for itself in terms of quality. The soft lures are made from high quality, environmental plastic. Indeed, the end product looks life-like when dipped in water.

Easy To Use

Hooking up this bait is pretty easy. Moreover, it works like magic once put in a pond or sea water. The shrimp-like design has received high ratings from most anglers who have used it.

Realistic Looks

Has 3D eyes which create smooth and rapid diving action. This diving action is what is recommended to attract big fish. In addition, the bait is easy to carry, weighing only about 6 grams. You can use tackle box and best fishing tackle bag for this.

Key Features

  • Premium quality make and finish
  • Realistic shrimp-like detailed texture
  • Smooth and rapid diving action thanks to bright colors and 3D eyes

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5. Dynamic Lures Multiple BB Chamber Fishing Lure

This mini crankbait is firmly built. It’s capable of withstanding the impact of a large-than-average fish. Known for its small profile, the Dynamic multiple BB stands talk among the best lures for bass. Just as its name suggest, this bait has a great combination of swimming action. It also offers great maneuverability, realistic and casting distance.

Although it was made for trout, anglers have reported great success using it on bass. An interesting fact about it is that it performs best in high current situations. It doesn’t disappoint in non-current situations either. So be sure to carry a fishing cooler with you the next time you head out on a mission.

Small Profile

This lure gained its long-spanning reputation from its small profile and incredible action. Very few other small crankbaits can boast of having achieved that feat. Indeed, the Dynamic Lures provides improved maneuverability, swimming action and great casting distance.

High Current Performance

The best thing about this lure is that it offers optimal results in high current situations. We are talking about creeks, streams and rivers. But that’s not to say it disappoints in non current situations. The bait provides considerable results in ponds, reservoirs and even lakes.

Sturdy Designed

Made with industry standard-coated ABS plastic. This high quality material is able to handle pressure without cracking or chipping.

Key Features

  • Slender and generally low profile
  • Small front lip
  • Treble hooks which are extra sharp and capable of handling big fish strike

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6. Heddon Super Spook Lure

If there is one thing that makes this lure stand out is its tough construction. Its good looks are yet another plus. And although it is quite small in size, it is still explosive and quite attractive to bass.

Moreover, it has rugged line ties and hooks. This ensures the lure will hold up to key opportunities and charges from a school of fish. Its finish is also quite realistic making it the perfect way to trick elusive catches.

Thoughtful Design

Built with an internal rattle with durable body and extra strong hardware. Once dipped in water, this bait produces all-natural action. This mimics live bait fish.

Decent Construction

Being one of the best lures for bass, it boasts tough construction and great looks. Remember it also has rugged line ties backed up by firm hooks that hold up to pressure.


This bait performs well in freshwater. It offers topwater diving depth. For best results, it is recommended to use a double loop knot.

Key Features

  • Beautiful light reflecting finishes
  • Loud rattles for instant attention once under water
  • Super sharp rotating treble hooks for efficient catching of fish

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7. A-SZCXTOP Topwater Bass Fishing Lures

Offering smooth diving action, A-SZCXTOP is sure to win the attention of your target fish. A closer look at the lures reveals they are made to cause big action on tiny bait. Once you dip it inside water, it delivers an engaging rolling and wobbling action.

Great Design

Each lure is made with dazzling colors. This is in addition to 3D eyes and live-like swimming actions.

High Quality

Besides the ABS plastic body, you will be impressed by its high carbon steel triple hooks. These are firm enough to capture large fish.


This is so far one of the most effective topwater baits. It’s is environment friendly. Has a small rolling ball inside for best performance in water.

Key Features

  • High quality carbon steel treble hooks
  • Environmental and realistic paint to attract large fish
  • Each of the 7 pieces weighs 14 grams

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8. Goture Soft Lead Fish Kit

The Goture Soft Lead Fish Kit is a 5-in-one piece set. Each bait features a realistic design that emulates life-like actions. This is a topwater bait which is perfectly suited for freshwater fishing. Above all, this provides smooth and rapid diving action.

3D Eyes

To complement the life-like features of these bass lures come with 3D eyes. A closer look at it reveals a secure i-bolt system holographic wildeye. That’s of course in addition to holographic swimming flash oil.

Optimized for Freshwater Fishing

The Goture is recommended for freshwater fishing. Its bright colors do a great job of attracting bass from their hideouts.

Body Design

For enhanced durability, this bait is built with a soft body. It literally swims through current and non-current conditions. But that does not mean it’s a weakling. Its body is made from special plastic which resists corrosion as well.

Key Features

  • BulTreble hooks suitable for handling large fish
  • Designed to resemble live bait fish
  • Low profile and highly effective at attracting fish

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9. Plussinno Fishing Lures Baits – 102 pcs

This is the bass fishing lures you will need for your fishing missions for a very long time. The variety of lures you get in this 102pcs package is simply amazing.

It comprises metal, soft and hard baits. You’ll also find bullets, line stoppers, topwater fishing frog lures among other accessories.

Long Lasting Variety

The set comes with a wide variety of fishing lures, perfect for fishing any day. These baits are different. You can tell that they’ll last due to the high quality of materials used to manufacture them.

Great Hooks

The hooks are extremely sturdy and sharp. They do not bend easily which also means they are unlikely to snap under intensive pressure.

Quality Design and Material

Made from a combination of plastic and metal both which are environment friendly. They are multi-colored hence suitable for novice learning.

Key Features

  • 5 different bait categories included
  • Free tackle box
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater

10. Livetarget Hollow Body Frog

This frog won the 2010 ICAST Best Soft Lure Award. Indeed, its reputation as one of the most used bass lure is not in question. It has all attributes required for luring big game fish. It comes with a custom double hook which is firmly attached to capture fish of all weight.

Great Anatomy

Its anatomy has detailed color making it attractive in topwater fishing. Its design enables you to create a walking action through simple motion. Examples: twitch, pause and wind-like retriever.


You can use this bait in a wide variety of settings from swamps, mats, ponds to lake environment. Its hollow body is flexible enough and capable of providing good collapsibility.

Key Features

  • Ultra sharp looks with soft body construction
  • Great hookup ratio
  • Its tail stores well

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The Buying Guide

Before you make any investment, be it in angling or any other field, it is important to do some research. This section helps you with tips for choosing the best bass fishing lures.

Which is best for you?

The bass fishing lures are ones that offer great colors and retain a realistic look. Another important factor to look at is effectiveness. You basically want a unit that is enjoys good ratings from other anglers.

Clearly, the Livetarget Frog has an edge over the competition.

What you should know about bass lures

The rule of the thumb when it comes to picking lures is that some colors are more effective than others. For instance brightly colored baits tend to work best in muddy or dingy water. Subtle colors on the other hand work best in clear water.

Besides clarity of water, the season of the year also affects bait effectiveness. Worth remembering is that topwater lures are best if dark-colored especially during summers.

Overall, slow moving baits tend to work best for bass fishing.

Final Words

When it comes to angling, versatility is important. It all begins with finding the best bass lures in the market. What is important to remember always is that not all baits are equal. What works best in muddy water may not necessary deliver stunning results in clear water.

It’s therefore important to approach this purchase with an open mind. Sometimes, it takes a bit of trial and error to arrive at a combination that works best. In some cases, you might be lucky with the very first choice you make. Hopefully, the list recommended above will help you settle on a winning combination.​

Try new lures regular basis.

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