Which Is The Best Fillet Knife Sharpener? Top 10 Options Reviewed

Best Fillet Knife Sharpener

Which Is The Best Fillet Knife Sharpener? Top 10 Options Reviewed

Let’s face it, there are way too many of the so-called fillet knife sharpeners being sold everywhere nowadays. On the surface, every sharpener might seem to work in a similar manner but if you look closer, you’ll definitely notice some subtle differences. This makes choosing the best fillet knife sharpener a tricky job irrespective of your level of exposure. Nonetheless, the best sharpener for your fillet knife should be able to provide razor sharpness without causing any harm to the blades. In this article, we review 10 best fillet knives sharpener options that have received great reviews from different users online.


Top 10 Best Fillet Knife Sharpeners on the Market in 2018 – Comparison & Ranking Chart

A sharp fillet knife can make your filleting tasks much more interesting and easy to follow through. Therefore, finding the best sharpener that is easy to use is quite important.

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1. Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener (08800)

If you would like the convenience that comes with electric sharpeners, this model can provide you with the professional results you want. The sharpener offers an easy and automatic way to sharpen fillet knives and most knives with non-serrated blades to a razor sharp edge. It is ideal for knives made of stainless steel, alloy or carbon. Other great features worth taking note of include:.

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Ease of Use

This electric sharpener eliminates all the guesswork from your operations. It features a precision blade guide that holds the fillet knife at the right sharpening angle to ensure professional results every time. 

Two-Stage System

Featuring two unique stage systems, this sharpener starts by sharpening the knife then fine-hones and polishes the edges for superb results. This ensures you achieve professional results in the comfort of your home.

Great Power

At 120 volts, this electric sharpener can create razor-sharp edges for all your fillet knives in just seconds using similar Sapphirite sharpening wheels commonly used in professional shops. 

Key Features

  • check One year limited warranty
  • check 3 suction cups for holding the sharpener securely on a countertop
  • check Compact and easy to use
  • check Excellent precision
  • check Includes two receptacles for disposal of metal fillings

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2. Chef’sChoice 120 Diamond Hone Electric Sharpener

Looking for a fillet knife sharpener that can sharpen different types of knives? This model from Chef’sChoice is a great pick. It features 100% diamond abrasive wheel which sharpens the knife in three stages for precision sharpening. Basically, it starts by sharpening, then hones and finishes by stropping or polishing the edges for hairsplitting sharpness. In addition, the sharpener is compact for ease of storage and comes with a durable elastomer feet for holding it securely to the working table. Some other features are:

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Built-in Precision Guide

The unit comes with an elastomeric angle guide that eliminates any sort of guesswork while ensuring high precision time after time. So you will not need to spend so much time figuring out which is the proper way to sharpen your knife. 

Durable Construction

The sharpener is ruggedly built to ensure it can serve you for many years. Further, it is backed by 3-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

Fast and Foolproof Results

Being an electric sharpener, it allows you to create sharp and long-lasting edges on your knife in just seconds. In addition, you can create Trizor-Plus edge depending on your cutting task for greater sharpness. 

Key Features

  • check Works for serrated, chef’s, sporting, and butcher knives
  • check Assembled in U.S.A
  • check Does not need any sharpening liquids or oils
  • check Highly durable

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3. Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener

This fillet knife sharpener is designed to sharpen almost every knife you might have, fast and easily. It is powered by a heavy-duty motor that provides plenty of power for easy grinding and honing. Further, it comes with an adjustable sharpening guide with 15 degrees to 30 degrees angles. This eliminates any guesswork and ensures precise edge bevels every time. Other features that make it stand out are:

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Versatile Sharpener

In addition to sharpening all types of knives, you can use it sharpen common cutting tools like axes, machetes, pruners, hatchets, lawn mower blades, shovels, and shears. It also includes a built-in scissor guide for sharpening household scissors to 65 degrees angle.

Fast and Precise Results

Featuring five premium abrasive belts, this sharpener claims to deliver both long-lasting and consistent razor sharp convex edge. Also, the sharpener is effective in providing clean and fast knife sharpening result.

Variable Speed Motor

From grinding to honing, this unit can handle almost every sharpening task effortlessly thanks to its powerful motor. Besides, it gives you the option to choose high speed honing or slow speed grinding for added convenience. 

Key Features

  • check Sharpens different shapes of knife blades
  • check Long lasting and consistent results
  • check No set-up time or tools needed to sharpen your knife

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4. LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener

With this knife sharpener, you can sharpen your fillet knife or your electric fillet knife blades in the comfort of your home just like a pro. It is equipped with a non-slip and sturdy suction cup feet to hold it firmly in place when in use. This goes a long way to ensure your safety. Besides, it comes integrated with “Stop” feature that stalls the sharpener in case you apply a lot of downward pressure. Consequently, your blades will not be damaged. Also, it comes with some other great features such as:

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2-Stage Sharpening

In stage one, the sharpener reshapes the blade angle, sharpens and then rejuvenates the edges while in stage two it hones and polishes the knife. This ensures you end up with a knife that has a sharp, smooth and bright blade.

Reliable Auto-Blade Positioning Guide

With this guide, you don’t have to worry that you could make a mistake while using the sharpener. The guide is designed to hold your fillet knife at the perfect angle for quick sharpening.

Quick Clean-Up Process

The sharpener comes with mess-free and easy-to-remove receptacles that collect the metal shards and fillings created when sharpening your knife. Therefore, you can easily empty the receptacles and clean the sharpener using a damp cloth and then towel dry it. 

Key Features

  • check Quickly sharpens damaged or dull fillet knives
  • check One year warranty
  • check For use on straight-edged blades
  • check Comes with 3.5 feet cord along with polarized plug

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5. Work Sharp Guided Filed Sharpener

For a compact, portable and durable fillet knife sharpener, this model from Work Sharp claims to be a great choice. The sharpener boasts built-in 20 degrees and 25 degrees angle guides to ensure perfect angle for sharpening and honing. Therefore, you can rest knowing you will get professional results. Also, the sharpener comes ready to use right out of the box for extra convenience. Some features that make it a great sharpener include:

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5-Stage Unique Sharpening System

Featuring 5 abrasive steps, you can choose from coarse-fine diamond plates, leather strop and three-position ceramic rod for a complete sharpening solution. As such, you can sharpen re-curved, curved and straight blades.

Consistent Blade Edge

The sharpener uses its in-built sharpening guides to ensure you get consistent sharpening results every time regardless of the type of fillet knife you have, no matter it’s a normal fillet knife or electric fillet knife’s blades or saltwater fillet knife. This goes a long way to extend your knife’s life.

Fast Results

The sharpener allows you to remove the diamond plates if you want to increase the sharpeners speed for fast results in the field. You can, therefore, sharpen your knives in seconds. 

Key Features

  • check Allows free-hand sharpening 
  • check Yields ultra-sharp edges
  • check Easy to use on fillet knives
  • check Relatively cheap

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6. Chef’s Choice 4623 Diamond Hone Manual Sharpener

This is a manual fillet knife sharpener but it’s easy to use just like electric sharpeners. Apart from sharpening household knives, it can be used for pocket knives, sports knives, straight edge and serrated knives. The sharpener boasts three-stage system that uses 100$ diamond abrasives for razor sharp and long lasting double-bevel edges. Other features worth noting are:

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Ergonomic Handle Design

The sharpener is designed with an ergonomic handle that fits all hands for a comfortable grip. It does not matter whether you are right or left handed.

Super Sharp Edge

This model comes with separate sharpening and honing stages for super sharp and strong double-beveled edges that hold for longer on all your knives. And the best part is that it won’t damage your knife.

Ease of Use

This knife sharpener is very easy to use despite being operated manually. Sure, it does not offer the same convenience as electric sharpeners but no guesswork is needed to use it. 

Key Features

  • check Comfortable handle design
  • check Includes 15-degree and 20-degree edge angles
  • check Sharpens virtually all types of knives

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7. Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

This is a two-stage fillet knife sharpener that is ideal for sharpening all types of knives you can think of including serrated and straight edge knives. Stage one utilizes 100% diamond abrasives in order to create first bevel edge while stage two uses stropping and polishing disks to hone the edges. This ensures you end up with highly durable and sharp edges. Other features of the sharpener are:

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Precision Guide

The sharpener comes with an elastomeric spring guide that is designed to automatically position your knife’s blade at the perfect angle as you sharpen. This will ensure you get fast and foolproof results every time.

Highly Precise Results

This sharpener uses advanced technology to sharpen your knife for precise and professional results. It does not matter how blunt or damaged the blade of your knife is; it can get its sharp edge in just minutes.

Resilient Stabilizing Feet

It comes with elastomeric feet to hold the sharpener securely to the countertop or work table. This ensures the sharpener is in a stable position as you sharpen your knife.

Key Features

  • check Durable and long-lasting blade edges
  • check Safe for quality fillet knives
  • check Provides hairsplitting sharpness
  • check Designed for 20 degrees knives

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8. Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpener

Designed from a high-impact polymer, this sharpener features rugged built for maximum durability. In addition, it comes with angle guides an on/off switch which eliminates guesswork for ease of use. With the on/off switch, it becomes easy to shut the motor on and off. Also, this unit can sharpen and re-sharpen all types of 20 degrees knives with the push of a button. Other features include:

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3-Stage System

Stage one uses 100% diamond abrasives to safely sharpen your knife’s entire edge while stage two uses hardened miniature steel to create shaving sharp blade edges. Additionally, stage three uses abrasive disk system that is very flexible to create smooth and ultra-sharp fine edges.

Compact Design

Measuring 10 inches by 10 inches by 4 inches, this is a compact and portable sharpener. As such, it does not take up much counter space.

Great Edge Versatility

With the three-stage system, the sharpener provides you with the versatility of choosing your preferred edge depending on what cutting task you want to undertake. And no matter what type of blade edge you choose, you can expect sharp and durable edges. 

Key Features

  • check Rubber stabilizing feet
  • check Three-year limited warranty
  • check Flexible stropping disk
  • check Sharpens serrated and straight edge knives

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9. Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener

This 3-stage sharper is one of the few models you can count on to deliver some wicked edges. First and foremost, Wusthof is a brand synonymous with quality. We’ve known them for their sophisticated German technology and this particular sharpener seems to be just that – yet another piece of perfection. But is it as complicated to operate as a German SUV? Certainly not.

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Easy To Operate

This sharpener is designed to work in a straight-forward manner. It doesn’t vibrate much either and you can rest assured to enjoy ultimate smoothness on every cut.

Diamond Abrasives

For consistent performance and durability, you need to work with the toughest metal in the whole world – and that is diamond. Indeed, this sharpener’s abrasive is so well made that it is almost always guaranteed to leave you with a super thin 14-degree edge.

Flexible Spring Guides

For added operational freedom, you’ll definitely need to use these flexible springs. What’s more? The springs do a really good job of making it painlessly easy to control the sharpening process.

Key Features

  • check Usable in the USA 110V power plugs
  • check Designed to achieve 14-degree edge
  • check 3 Year warranty coverage
  • check Flexible spring guides for added freedom

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10. Work Sharp Culinary E5 Electric Knife Sharpener

This one from Chef’s Choice ranks among the top ten best fillet knife sharpener choices because of its ability to combine a number of features. Indeed, it is highly versatile which means you can use it on virtually any kind of knife in your closet. What’s more? It uses 100 percent diamond abrasives. In fact, besides sharpening your knives, it also repairs damaged blades. How cool is that?

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Flexible spring guides for added freedom

Some sharpeners are so choosy – they don’t sharpen extra thin blades. Given that filleting knives are so thin; your best bet is to work with a sharpener like this one. You can’t go wrong with Chef’s Choice 1520.

Versatility Galore

The knife’s model number (1520) tells it all. This brand can sharpen into 15-degrees or even 20-degrees and vice versa. This is the kind of versatility every angler craves for. No doubts about that.

Patented Features

The 1520 comes with a bunch of patented features including polishing discs and flexible stropping. If you’re looking to put that elusive “gothic arch” onto the edge of your knife, this is definitely a must-have.

Key Features

  • check 3 sharpening slots
  • check Advanced spring-loaded guide system
  • check Flexible sharpening angles

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Buying Guide- Which is The Best Fillet Knife Sharpener?

In choosing the best sharpener for your fillet knife, consumers consider a variety of factors typically. These factors can include:

Quality of Abrasives

To ensure your fillet knife is sharpened properly without causing any damage to its blade, you need to consider the quality of abrasives used. Most sharpeners use 100% diamond abrasives to provide users with razor-sharp edges. Generally, diamond abrasives are hard to beat when it comes to sharpening quality. Other sharpeners boast tungsten carbide or polished ceramic abrasives but are relatively expensive.

Number of Sharpening Stages

Most sharpeners feature between two and three sharpening stages. For models with two stages, you can expect pre-sharpening and honing or polishing stages. Even though sharpeners with a two-stage system is flawlessly functional, units with more stage systems are much better depending on your needs. 


The best sharpener for your fillet knife should at least be backed by relatively good warranty. Most manufacturers offer one to three years of limited warranty against defects. As a precaution, always inquire what your warranty covers prior to making your purchase.

Manual vs Electric

Manual fillet knife sharpeners are easy to use and even safer compared to their electric counterparts. However, most knives especially those with heavily waved edges don’t lend themselves to manual sharpening. Electric sharpeners, on the other hand, provide faster results than manual units. They are also easy to use, offer a lot of conveniences and do more than just sharpening the blades. Most electric sharpeners will even polish your fillet knife. 

Ease of Use

A fillet knife sharpener that is easy to use should at least be accompanied by an adjustable precision angle guide. This is because the guide will automatically position the knife at the perfect angle for accurate sharpening. Make sure the guides can easily handle different angles including 15 degrees. 

Final Verdict

Dull or blunt fillet knives makes it difficult to get the job done and can become a health hazard. As a matter of fact, you are more likely to get cut while using a blunt fillet knife than when using a razor sharp one. Using a dull fillet knife can also ruin your fish. So keep your fillet knife as sharp as possible without damaging its blade by investing in any of these best fillet knife sharpener options. 

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