Top 7 Best Fly Tying Kit 2018 – Reviews and Buying Guide

best fly tying kit

Top 7 Best Fly Tying Kit 2018 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Fly fishing has been around for many years. Not only because it is easy to learn, but also for the fact that it is fun and offers so many benefits. With the best fly tying kit and a bit of confidence, you can have a great day fly fishing regardless of your angling experience. However, choosing the best kit for your needs can be a bit of a minefield especially if you’re a novice in fly fishing.

Basically, an excellent kit should contain everything you may need including scissors, dubbing twister, bobbin holder, dubbing needle, vise, hackle pliers and whip finish tools. So what are the best fly tying tools? Here is a list of top 7 best options that are budget-friendly, easy to use and durable.


Top 7 Best Fly Tying Kit For The Money 2018 – List

Buying just about any flying kit you come across can ruin your fly fishing experience. Fortunately, with the following list, you don’t have to risk anything at all. Be sure to read keenly so you can decide which option suits you best. 

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1. Dr Slick Combo Kit 

This flying kit seems to have everything a beginner and expert fly tier might need. It includes 4-inch scissors, bobbin threader, bobbin, whip finisher, hair stacker, and hackle pliers. As such, it makes a great gift for a friend or even yourself. Furthermore, it is very affordable and the tools included are both easy to use and made to last. Other features that make it stand out include: 

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Highest Quality Tools

According to the manufacturer, all the components available in this kit have undergone a six-step inspection process to ensure they are of high quality. This makes them durable enough to withstand the test of time. 

Convenient Packaging 

The tools are packaged in a spacious box with foam lining which ensures they stay secure when not in use while allowing ease of access at any time. 

Key Features

  • check Aesthetically pleasing 
  • check Offers maximum durability 
  • check Innovative and unique precision tools 

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2. Orvis Fly-tying Kit 

Featuring tying components for 16 patterns and 10 flies each, this is a must have kit for any fly fishing enthusiast. It also includes great tools including a vise, whip finish tools, bodkin, hair stacker, and hooks. The tools come packed in a convenient and durable carrying case. You can, therefore, carry the kit with you even when traveling. Besides, the kit also features: 

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Instructional DVD

The kit comes with a detailed instructional DVD that features tutorials for every pattern and instructions on how to use every tool included in the kit. Beginners will, therefore, find it easy to use and make the patterns. 

High-Quality Vise and Tool Set 

Its fly tying vise as well as the rest of the tools are made of top quality materials and seem to be a great bargain for a sturdy and durable piece of equipment. You can rest assured it will serve you for a couple of years thereby saving you money for new tools in the long run

Key Features

  • check Includes 8 basic and 8 premium patterns 
  • check Beginner friendly 
  • check Premium tools and materials 

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3. The Muskoka Fly Fishing Starter Pack Kit 

This is yet another budget-friendly kit for those just starting out to tie as well as intermediate fly tiers. It boasts an excellent assortment of bulk feathers including synthetic rabbit hair dubbing, marabou, hackle, peacock hurl and synthetic ice dubbing. You can, therefore, create great patterns for both dry and wet flies, streamers, and nymphs. It also features: 

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Great Quality Materials

For the price, the materials included with this kit appear to be of great quality. What’s more, they come in bulk to last you a couple of years especially if you don’t tie flies quite often.

Ease of Use 

Like we mentioned, this kit is user-friendly and beginners will have an easy time creating patterns for nymph and dry flies. There is just no limit to what you can really do with this kit.

Key Features

  • check Durable 
  • check Bulk feathers in assorted colors 
  • check Includes the not so common and difficult to find materials 

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4. WETFLY Kit With Free DVD and Book 

This is a versatile kit that comes with an instructional manual in both DVD and book format to get you on the right track. Consequently, it is ideal for the novice to the seasoned fly tier. Further, the tools are neatly organized in a nice durable and convenient storage case for ease of carrying. The kit also features the following: 

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Complete Set of Tools

From hackle pliers to vise, different sized hooks, hair stacker, bobbin threader, dubbin and a bobbin, this kit has everything you will need to get started tying flies. 

Nice Case 

It also comes with a durable case for organizing and storing the tools. This allows for easy maneuverability by holding your tools in place. 

Key Features

  • check High-quality materials 
  • check Versatile 
  • check Comes with assortment of feathers in bulk 

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5. Fly Tying Tool Kit plus a Separate Pouch 

If you are thinking of trying fly fishing for the first time, this kit can be a great investment tool. Not only because it is relatively inexpensive, but also for the fact that it contains all the essential tools you might need. Here are some other features that make it a great buy:

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Reliable Tools

The kit comes with nine tools including scissors, hair stacker, hackle pliers, whip finisher, bobbin, half hitch tool and a bodkin. All the tools are well made with quality materials for maximum durability. 

Well-made Pouch 

It comes with a pouch that appears to be well made to help you store your tools secure and in an organized manner. The pouch can be useful for frequent travelers.

Key Features 

  • check Easy to pack up and carry around 
  • check Solidly built tools 
  • check Budget-friendly 

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6. Wild Water 5/6 9’ Rod Fly Fishing Starter Package 

This package offers tons of great features that both beginners and experienced anglers are going to find useful. Featuring a large arbor fly reel, you will enjoy smooth casts and retrievals. The reel boasts amazing features for left-handed operation but can easily be converted to a right-handed function. Similarly, you get a line nipper tool, quick reference guide, small fly box, flies, rod case, backing and leader and a knot tying tool. ]

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Graphite Construction

This fly fishing rod is made from a graphite composite making it sturdy and lightweight enough for use on small bass and trout without breaking. 

Flexible Rod

Featuring 9-foot rod with slow action function, making longer and accurate casts with this kit is effortless. Furthermore, the rod can be broken down into 4 small pieces for ease of transport and storage. 

Key Features 

  • check Waterproof floating fly box that holds up to 372 flies 
  • check Rod includes a lifetime warranty 
  • check Zippered storage pouch 

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7. Scientific Anglers Deluxe Fly Tying Kit 

If you are looking for the perfect option to learn the ropes of this entire art, this kit from Scientific Anglers can help you. It comes with everything you will need to create great streamers, dry flies, and wet flies. Not to mention, all the tools are constructed with what seems like high-quality materials. As if that’s not enough, it also features the following:

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Sturdy Starter Vise

The kit includes a solid vise that features a versatile c-clamp base alongside fixed angle head. As such, it is able to hold hooks well even thick ones and heavy without breaking.

Great Travel Case 

It comes with a deluxe case for organizing your tools, hooks, and materials it comes with. This ensures everything stays secure for ease of access during your fishing trips.

Key Features 

  • check Instructional DVD 
  • check Includes all tools you may need for fly tying 
  • check Made of durable and top-notch materials 

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Buying Guide – Which One is Best for you?

When looking to buy the best kit, there are some key factors you will need to consider to get the most use and value from the purchase. These include: 

Ease of Use 

The usability of a kit is an important factor to consider as some kits are solely built for season fly tiers. If you are just starting out, consider a kit that is designed for beginners and one that comes with an instructional manual in the form of a DVD or book. 

Types of Materials Included 

When it comes to the type of materials, it all depends on the kind of fly you are going to make. Generally, the best kit should have materials for both wet flies and dry flies for added flexibility. It should also come with essential materials like hooks, nipper tool, and even the knot tying tool.


Although it is always possible to find super-cheap kits, it’s advisable to consider quality before the price-tag. A well-made unit is one that is durable, easy to use and most importantly one that helps you save tons of money in the long-run. Luckily, for you, our list of the best fly tying kit options will help you make good value for money. 

Final Word 

An ideal kit is one that combines great functionality with good value for money and reliability. But as it turns out, you don’t have to break the bank to get yourself the best quality. We wish you all the best in your fly fishing escapades.

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