The 5 Best Fishing Kayak Under 300 – Top Models Broken Down

Fishing kayaks are making real strides in popularity across the world. As a result, so many different brands and models of this gear have come to the limelight.

That being the case, figuring out which kind of kayak to go for and why, can prove to be a real challenge. Fortunately, we have identified the best fishing kayak under 300 and broken down all the facts you need to know to make a wise purchase.

Best Fishing Kayak Under 300 in the Market 2018 - Comparison Chart


Product Name





120 x 30 x 13 inches

4.9 out of 5


 108" x 30" x 13"

4.5 out of 5


36 x 20 x 123 inches

4.3 out of 5


30" x 15" x 138"

4.1 out of 5


11 x 30 x 144 inches

3.6 out of 5

5 Best Fishing Kayaks Under $300 in 2018

1. Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-Foot Sit-in Fishing Kayak

This fishing kayak comes with great features to enhance your fishing experience. It boasts two flush-mount along with a single swivel rod holder. You can thus install more fishing gears like a fish finder or fishing rod

With a paddle holder to store the paddle, you can focus on the fishing. There is also a bottle holder to keep your drink secure. But one of the best features about this kayak is its open cockpit area.

It is large enough to allow you to get in or out easily. In addition, it boasts an adjustable seat with back support for extra comfort when you have to fish for long hours.

Designed to be used on lakes and rivers, Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-Foot is made out of UV- Fortiflex polyethylene which is of high density. This makes its robust and durable enough to withstand so much on the waters.


  • check
    Provides an exquisite combination of stability and tracking
  • check
    Includes thigh pads and foot braces
  • check
    A lot of storage space 


  • check
    It is not for advanced anglers

2. Intex K1 Challenger Kayak

This is an inflatable kayak made of durable vinyl PVC so it can withstand rough waters. Featuring a hand air-pump, it is easy to inflate. In fact, it only takes around 10 minutes to inflate or deflate. 

Intex Challenger K1 is a one-man kayak built with stability in mind. The kayak is completed with two plastic skegs at the center for more directional stability especially you need to rotate.

The floor on the other hand has I-Beam support for added stability and comfort. On the sides of the kayak you will find grab lines just in case you need to hold on. It also sports aluminum oars that most users have to reported to be of poor quality. For extra comfort, it boasts inflatable seat with a foot rest. 


  • check
    Lightweight with a lot of storage space
  • check
    Great for river and lakes use
  • check
    Comes with a repair patch


  • check
    Paddles are of low quality

3. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Intex Explorer K2 is a two-person inflatable kayak with adjustable seats to customize your comfort. Its design is rugged with Super-Tough 30-gauge vinyl construction to ensure it lasts you long enough. 

The kayak is equipped with an Intex high-output pump along with Boston valve on every side for easy inflation and deflation. When it comes to stability, it sports inflatable I-Beam floors alongside removable skegs for better directional stability.

Its luminous color with contrasting shades of the water ensures anglers from other boats can spot you from a far. The seats feature adjustable backrests to give your extra comfort. 

The manufacturer was also kind enough to include two 86 inches aluminum paddles and one fin to help with steering. Last but not least, its body comprises of two separate air chambers that keep it buoyant in case there is a puncture. 


  • check
    Easy to set-up
  • check
    Offers plenty of room for two people and supplies
  • check
    Guarantees safety


  • check
    Flimsy paddles

4. Intex K2 Challenger Kayak

Constructed from rugged and ultra thick vinyl material resistant to UV rays, this gear has a lot to offer. You don’t need to worry about punctures in case you scrap the bottom or run into obstacles. 

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak is designed for two people with weight not exceeding 350 lb. But it can also be used by single person especially those who want to move at very fast speed.

The cockpit is quite spacious featuring two inflatable seats. The seats comes with backrest to offer you the much needed support. Like the seats, the floor is also inflatable with I-Beam support for added comfort and stability. 

Featuring brightly colored graphics, this kayak reduces any risk of collision. This is because other water users can see you from long distances. It also includes a storage cargo net and grab-line to help you pull in and out of the water. 


  • check
    Boasts 2 aluminum oars of 84- inches
  • check
    High capacity included
  • check
    Comes with a 30-day limited warranty


  • check
    Skeg easily gets lost 

5. Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak

Designed for use in rivers and lakes, this is a two person inflatable kayak. It presents a reliable foot pump for easy inflation and deflation. The Eagle 330 Kayak is constructed from extra K-80 polykrylar material which is pretty thick. This materials is puncture resistant for enhanced durability. It also includes two molded-skegs for less paddling effort when you’re going at a high speed. 

Like most fishing kayaks under 300, this too boasts I-Beam construction on the floor for added rigidity. The kayak also packs high frequency welded seams to ensure it stays strong on rough waters.

Other notable features of this fishing kayak include stern grab line, pressure gauge, self-bailing drain valve and inflatable spray skirts. 


  • check
    Spacious interior
  • check
    Back by 3 year warranty
  • check
    Two oars included with a carrying bag


  • check
    Poor customer service

Buying Guide-Factors To Consider

Overall Stability

The best fishing kayak under 300 should offer great stability when you are wrestling it ready to reel it in. Stability can be determined by design of the hull and material used to construct the kayak. Generally, kayaks with flat hull and durable materials like polyethylene and vinyl tend to offer great stability. 

Comfort Level

In measuring the comfort level, you should consider the presence of backrests, thigh pads, foot rests and interior space. Most fishing kayaks under 300 come with inflatable seats for added comfort. They also have roomy interior and so many support features to ensure you enjoy your fishing excursions. 


Before settling for a specific fishing kayak, you need to consider safety features. Ensure to consider if other anglers or those out on the waters can see you from a distance. You can do this by buying a kayak with colored graphics. 


Best fishing kayak under 300 may not be feature-rich like expensive. Depending on the materials used, though, these kayaks have a potential to last a lifetime. Some of the best materials to look out for include polyethylene and fiberglass. These materials tend to be resistant against punctures and some against UV rays. 


If you’re a newbie or simply going for weekend fishing trips, you will love how these fishing kayaks perform on water. They might not look fancy but they are equipped with features that any angler would appreciate.

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