10 Best Fishing Shoes Reviews 2018 - Only Top Models!

It might sound a bit fishy at first, but yes, fishing shoes are actually a thing. Today’s fishermen can choose a specific type of shoe to wear while in the boats to protect their feet against all sorts of adversities. Fishing shoes can be of many types, from flip flops to sandals and from shoes to boots.

When it comes to the best fishing shoes, these are the shoes that give the angler no pain or ache. It also means they protect from slipping on the deck as well as soggy feet. These shoes are available in many shapes, designs and colors as well so you can now protect yourself while looking stylish. In any types of boats, it is possible to come across dangerous situations such as knives, hooks, gaffs, tag sticks, pliers and fish that can cause harm to exposed feet.

10 Best Fishing Shoes 2018 - Comparison Table

Now I will review some of the fishing shoes or best kayak shoes or best boat shoes, or best water shoes or (whatever you say) available on the market to give you a proper idea about which ones to buy and what to avoid. Let's start with a comparison chart.


Shoes Names

Primary Material

Color Style

Editor’s Rating


Textile Rubber Sole

4 Color


Fabric & Rubber Sole

10 Color


Fabric & Rubber Sole

8 Color


Fabric & Rubber sole

7 Color



18 Color


Rubber outsole and toe protection

1 Color (Black)


Rubber sole

8 Color


Rubber sole & Leather uppers

5 Color


Synthetic Sole

3 Color



1 Color (Black)

10 Best Fishing Shoes in 2018 - Review

1. Under Armour Kilchis Shoes Review

These shoes are in the textile style and they come in very different attractive colors you can choose from. These shoes have rubber sole so the grip is non slippery. The shaft of the shoes measures approximately up to the ankle height from the arch of the shoe. The textile part of the upper part of the shoe is both breathable as well as quick dry.


  • Non slip and non marking shoes.
  • Highly breathable upper part with quick dry options.
  • Synthetic overlays for abrasion protection.


  • The shoes seem to be very narrow at the front.

2. Aleader Aqua Water Shoes Review

These shoes material is fabric and they have rubber soles. They are very breathable as they have mesh panels in the upper part. This allows for your feet to breathe. There is a Solyte midsole in these shoes that give these shoes bounce back ability. There are outsoles in the shoes that have water grip and cushion outsole for amazing traction in the wet and slippery surfaces. The insole can provide arch support as well.


  • The sockliner is of ComforDry technology.
  • There are holes on the sole for breathing option.


  • Pebbles and small granites get stuck underneath the shoes.

3. Aleader Mesh Slip on Water Shoes Review

These shoes are of fabric and they have a rubber sole. The shoes have an upper part that is very much breathable. There are mesh parts at the upper part as well that allows for the feet to breathe without any issues. The outsole has WaterGrip technology to make up for exceptional traction in the slippery and wet surfaces. There are holes in the sole of the shoes to provide quick drying and superior breathing abilities.


  • The sockliner has ComforDry technology for best amount of cushioning.
  • The shoe is overall very breathable and cool during the summer.


  • The sizing is way too off in the online store.

4. Dreamcity Men's water shoes Review

These shoes are made with 90% fabric and have a rubber sole. These shoes are very breathable as they have mesh in the upper part. This allows for the feet to breath properly during the warm conditions. The outsole has water grip in them so it is non slippery as well as non marking. There are holes in the sole of the shoes to provide quick drying option as well.


  • Sockliner has cushion in them for dryer and healthier shoe performance.
  • Open mesh parts as well as holes make up for the quick drying and breathable options.


  • The tongue connection is very rough and irritates the feet.

5. Columbia Men's Bahama Vent PFG Boat Shoes Review

These shoes are very versatile looking as they come in lots of different colors. They are in a combination of leather and synthetic. These shoes are from the USA. The upper part has a combination of leather and canvas materials. The midsole have the Techlite technology which has very good amount of cushion along with high energy return.


  • The midsole have air flow as well as drainage system.
  • Mid-sole offers perfect balance of bounce back.
  • Mid-sole has comfortable cushion for maximum comfort.


  • The sizing of the shoes is wrong.

6. Hodgman Neoprene Wade Shoe Review

These fishing shoes are only available in one color, black. The upper is a 3.5 mm neoprene material. The upper heel area has cuff adjustment. The zippers are very durable as they are YKK. The shoes have rubber outsole as well as toe protection for maximum comfort and safety. The rubber outsole ensures no slippage in the wet and slippery surfaces.


  • Shoes have cuff adjustment to ensure a snug fit.
  • Very durable YKK zippers for longer use.
  • Non slippery and non marking shoes.


  • The shoes do not stretch out at all so they are not wading material.

7. Columbia Men's Drainmaker III Water Shoe Review

These shoes are very comfortable during the warm and hot weather because the upper parts are mesh. They are imported shoes. They have rubber soles for maximum protection against slippage. The shoes also have protective toe bumper with single pull lacing for a snug fit. The collars of the shoe are padded. The midsole are responsible for breathability as well as water drainage.


  • Mesh parts so super breathable.
  • Heel-pull tab is comfortable and easy.
  • Midsole makes up for comfortable breathing with water drainage.


  • The shoe is very narrow.

8. Columbia Men's Bahama Vent Relaxed PFG Leather Casual Boat Shoes

These shoes are from leather and they are also imported. They have a slip on closure system for easy entry. These shoes are great for fishing and other activities that require connection with water. The upper part is a combination of leather and mesh. The midsole have the TECHLITE technology for amazing cushion and good bounce back option. The midsole parts are with ventilation for more breathability.


  • The outsole has OMNI GRIP technology for non-slipping and non-marking abilities.
  • The slip on closure is easy and quick to put on and pull off shoes.


  • No remarkable cons to mention.

9. Speedo Men's Seaside Lace 4.0 Water Shoe Review

These imported water shoes are available in three different styles. All of the styles are very versatile. The shoes have mesh panels in the upper part and the sides so they are breathable. The shoes have synthetic sole. The shoes have webbing lacing overlays in them. They also have bungee strap that is good for quick adjustment for a snug fit. The outsole has S – trac technology so that the water flow can disperse easily.


  • Very breathable shoes because of the mesh panels.
  • Water flow gets proper dispersion.
  • Bungee strap make up for toggle closure.


  • The inside of the shoe is very rough and thus uncomfortable to wear.

10. NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Zipper Boot Review

These shoes have synthetic material. They have premium technology as they have neoprene for enough reliability and durability. These shoes are perfect for a variety of sports involving water such as diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing etc. The shoes have heavy duty zipper in them for a Water Entry Barrier. This limits the water that can get inside the shoes and helps to keep the feet dry and warm. These shoes are a great fit for scuba divers as well in under all weather and water conditions.


  • There is a hard insert sole for puncture resistant protection.
  • Neoprene makes up for necessary durability and breath-ability.
  • Resistant to abrasion.


  • The zippers do leak.

How to Choose the Right Fishing Shoes

Since the options available are many, it is possible to feel very confused about what type of shoes to buy. These following things should come in handy in such situations.


The main point is that you are getting the fishing shoes for going fishing and I get that. But you need to figure out if you need different types of fishing shoes for various types of fishing. There are different types shoes for fishing now available that serve a very specific reason.

Fly Fishing

If you want to try out this specific type of sport, you will need to have wading shoes. Wading shoes are mainly made for the fly fishing purpose.

Boat Fishing

You need a lightweight shoe that lets you move around very easily. Also, these shoes will need to be drainable so that the water that gets into your boat doesn’t get inside your shoes as well.

Canoe and Kayak Fishing Shoes

Same as the boat fishing shoes, when you are canoe and kayak fishing, you will need shoes that are lightweight. These shoes should also have a good sole that can drain out the water fast. And more importantly, these shoes should stick to your leg when you are pushing through the sticky mud.

Shore Fishing

For this type of fishing, get a pair that is lightweight and also has high breathability.

So first of all, you need to identify the type of fishing you are interested in. Once you get that part, it will be easier to narrow down your fishing shoes choices.

Design and Style

This of course, is one thing that totally depends on your individual style and choice. You will find different types of shoes in the market. Some are in the boot style while some are in sneaker style, while some are in another completely unique style. My suggestion is to not look for style while you go shop for a perfect shoes for fishing. Rather go for the performance and quality of the shoes. The style and design should act as an added thing, not the main thing. If you keep this in mind, you will not spend big bucks on a useless shoe that only looks good. Once you know your shoe style meets all the things you need to perform well, you can look for the fashion and style.

Support in the Ankle

If your purpose for getting the fishing shoes is not to get down on the mud, then you should go for shoes with proper ankle support. If you buy another type of shoes, there are chances that you might end up hurting your feet in the slippery floors.


The material should be sturdy and durable because it is a given that fishing shoes will get wet. This is why the fishing shoes need to be made with a material that is good under such conditions. Most fishing shoes come with thick rubber soles. This is to provide better stability to keep you steady. There are usually three types of materials that are commonly used to make a good quality fishing shoes.


Leather is one material that can stay dry for longer periods of time.


Canvas material can provide good protection with very good comfort.

Synthetic Mesh

These types of fishing shoes are specific to drain the water out very quickly. So, they can keep the feet dry. At the same time, these types of shoes are very breathable.


Since fishing shoes have different purpose than our regular shoes, they tend to be a bit more expensive as well. You can find many types and varieties of shoes in the market. The range usually varies from 30 to 150 dollars. Most fishing shoes are more breathable than our casual ones. They also have better traction underneath for a better grip in the slippery and wet deck or any other types of surfaces. These shoes also need to have quick dry ability as they come in direct contact with water. But then again there are some shoes that come at a cheap rate. But keep in mind that you should buy best one that will give you the most benefit. So even if you need to spend a few extra bucks for your best fishing shoe, I will suggest you to go for it.

How to Buy

When you go to shop for the fishing shoes, often times you will see that it is not an individual class. So there are a couple of options for you to choose from. All these shoes place importance on the factors such as breathability, no slippage, ankle support etc. which are essential for the best water shoes as well.

Hiking and Hunting Shoes

Yes, these both types of boots can double duty as the fishing shoes as well. Since these types of shoes come with insulation, they will serve well during the winter months. These types of boots also provide enough ankle and arch support. Also, there are many styles to choose from. But in the below freezing mark, some hiking shoes will not be enough for a day of fishing.

There are high quality boots of both kinds which has breathable materials to keep the feet comfortable. These types of shoes let the sweat vapor escape very easily. Many boots also have waterproof liners with durable water repellency treatment as well. This lets the shoes to prevent the moisture to spill on the exterior fabric. These factors make up for the shoes to be useable in the rain. Another great option can be rubber boots.

Rubber Boots

A pair of rubber boots can serve you really well to give you all day long protection while fishing. This can be possible in both warm weather as well as cool rains. Rubber boots come in many varieties and there are plenty of options to choose from. Height cut is an important issue you need to pay attention to while shopping for the rubber boots. If you are a shore angler, the high cut boots will keep your feet dry in the walks through the wet grass. The height of the boots helps you to walk in the shallows. These shoes can be very handy for getting fish in the heavily treed shorelines.

If you want to do boat angling in the rain, then you should go for shorter cuts rubber boots as they will feel more comfortable. Sometimes you will see that mid cuts that stop below the calf or above the ankle are sufficient as well. But make sure your lower legs are not out in the open when you are sitting down. So an overlap console is necessary to have over your rubber boots despite the height cut. I will suggest you to wear your rain pants when you go to shop for these fishing shoes as that way you will be able to determine which one fits you the best. And if you tend to stand a lot while fishing, I will suggest you to buy a pair with proper ankle support.

Waterproof Shoes

Waterproof shoes work the same way as rubber boots but they are in the shoe form instead. So, they have a shorter cut. If your rain pants give you enough coverage over the shoes, you will see that your lower legs and feet are dry. Depending on the outerwear, you can buy shoes accordingly. During the summer time, the low-cut shoes will help your feet to get too warm and you will feel more comfortable. But if it gets cold then you will need extra protection and insulation from the cold and damp wind. In those cases, higher cut boots will be more useful for you. So, I will suggest you to get waterproof shoes for the summer time and switch to rubber boots when the weather gets cold.

Boat and Deck Shoes

These types of shoes are specifically for the anglers and boaters. Whenever you pick up one of these pairs, you will see that they have a lot of features to stand tall in the water. Most of the materials of these shoes have water repellent properties. You should always look for non-slip and non-marking soles for the fishing shoes. The best fishing shoes should have good amount of cushion in the mid sole so that it can absorb the shock easily. It will also deliver day long comfort. Mesh panels are very breathable so you should look for those features as well. They are indeed very comfortable to wear during the summer because of the mesh.

Boat and deck shoes come in a range of style. They have lace up and slip on options in both conservative and athletic fashions.

Sports Shoes

Yes, your sports or athletic shoes can do double duty as the fishing shoes as well. This is because they are very much comfortable to wear. They have more comfortable cushioning. If you tend to stand around a lot while you are fishing, you will definitely benefit from the ample amount of cushioning. Running and walking shoes also have very good arch support. Since they have lace up styles, they also ensure a snug fit. Most of these sports shoes also have mesh in them, so they are great for the warm temperatures. But they are not the best when it comes to cold and windy weather. But if you are buying athletic shoes for fishing purposes, make sure that you check if they have non-marking and non-slip soles.

Water Shoes

These are another category of shoes that can work as fishing shoes. These shoes are very lightweight and they have decent amount of cushioning with excellent traction, adjustments and support options. This ensures that the wearer gets a snug and comfortable fit when they wear them. They typically feature mesh panels for keeping the feet cool during the summer weather. They are also able to take on water. So water shoes come with plenty of openings to offer drainage. These shoes are super breathable as well.

Sandals and Clogs

Yes, even these types can work as best shoe when there is no rain or cold wind. During the warm weather, they can be great fishing shoes. These are available in a variety of range. Just keep some things in mind when you get them for fishing purposes. For starters, get a pair that fits you properly. If you get an oversized pair, chances are, they will slip off at an emergency. If you buy a smaller one, your toes will be out in the open. Do a tap test while buying a sandal as that’s the best way to find out if it fits you properly or not.

Final Words

The best fishing shoes come in a lot of options but you need to figure out what features you need in them. Once you have figured that out, buying a pair should be relatively easier than it seemed at first.

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